Wedding Planning Services

 Specifically tailored to your needs


 Wedding and Event Management



We will coordinate services on the day of your wedding. Oversee and support set-up, managing the timeline and events of the day, serving as a liaison between you and your vendors and act as contact for the day.


We work with couples that intend to plan and coordinate their wedding, but see the value in seeking professional island advice prior to beginning the planning. We can review your wedding plans, budget, venue, flowers, music and offer practical insight, suggestions, referrals and any other agreed-upon information.


From the beginning of your wedding we’ll work with you and your partner planning,¬† managing all logistical elements of your wedding planning process, right through to your wedding day.

Setup and Takedown

Enjoy your day rather than worrying about the setup and take down of your wedding. This service is great for couples who don’t have a wedding planner and don’t want to burden families and friends with the time and effort it takes to set up a wedding and/or take it down.

You can relax … enjoy your wedding