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Canada UK Auction

Ocean Plaskets was featured in a silent charity auction in London organized by Canada House in the UK.

Salish Sea Market 2021

“The Salish Sea Market recently welcomed basket weaver Kim Fagerlund from Hornby Island. We now display a large assortment of Kim’s “Ocean Baskets and Plaskets”.

As the name suggest, Kim’s creations are made from something that stems from the ocean. However, it doesn’t grow in the ocean. Instead, it gets washed up on the beach by the ocean.

Kim found herself cleaning up the shoreline of worn out bits of nautical rope and fishing line and thinking there must be something she could do with this waste to keep it out of the landfill.

So she washed it, separated it and began weaving with it. Kim was delighted at her artfuul creations from the different coloured ropes made of hemp and plastic.

We hope you will take an opportunity to come by the Market and admire Kim’s noble work, as she weaves the world clean.”¬†


Art Show at

Hornby Creative

August 1st, 2020

Conservancy Hornby Island Herring Festival, 2020